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Cleaning the Group Gasket from gunk will stop most leaks.  A good cleaning can be done when backflushing,  using dishwasher detergent and hot water, (let soak for 30 minute +). However,  with an old soft gasket it is hard to keep the same locking position every time, as well as losing space when handle is turning past the 90 degree (6 o'clock). 

When using the same gasket for so long, an old gasket will mold itself to the Portafilter and to the basket you are using and many times will leak after switching to a new Portafilter or a new basket, even after a good long cleaning. It is time to replace the gasket.

Firm gasket will help to achieve a more precise same locking position for the Portafilter, time after time and to gain the maximum space for the coffee puck.  This is more of a benefit when using "Hard Firm Tamping".

Note: This trick may not work with the old V1 grouphead (old Silvia) 



Old Silvia, V1 model with original bolt.

New Silvia, V3 model with original bolt.


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