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It was great time since 2010. But In 2015, operating this hobby from California became too difficult and costly. Therefore, since 2016, all PID kits, Pressure Gauges, Boiler Insulation and other small kits became "out of stock”. 

These kits marked "out of stock" and neither the item nor any part lists are available or will be available in the future.

I will do the best I can to keep the website running and supply some small kits and parts from Rancilio.


Most items are listed at this new location https://store.pidsilvia.com and shipping charges are configured to the U.S. and Canada (except for large items).

How to Order:





Although I make every effort to use the best components and to provide the best information, the customizations are not approved by Rancilio or tested by any third party. You are performing customizations at your own risk.  No responsibility is assumed by pidsilvia.com other than replacement of any defective components purchased from pidsilvia.com.


Contact: pidsilvia@gmail.com