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  1. The brass boiler and the brew head of Silvia, Just like any other mass under heat, the temperature will keep rising after the power is OFF, so the parameters in the PID settings will have to compensate to your preference.

  2. You have two options for tuning the PID for Silvia The 1st option is like a race car, ( low "P" and short reset time "I" )  it will get from one place to another very fast, but will not stop right on the stop line. The 2nd option is to tune it like a slow car, ( P,I & D parameters that matching your specific machine set-up and needs) a little slow getting to the finish line but will be more likely to stop at the stop line.

  3. Because the Grouphead (brew head) is made of a large mass of brass, the overall temperature of the Grouphead and Portafilter are very significant in dictating the final water temperature at the coffee puck. Therefore, the Portafilter and basket must be attached to the Grouphead throughout the time Silvia is heating up and the Portafilter should not be off the Grouphead for more than 2 minutes between shots.

  4. Other variables also influence the final water temperature at the coffee puck (“brew temperature”) right after the shower screen, in relation to the temperature set value (“SV”). For example; the type and location of the Thermocouple, Boiler Insulation, room temperature and temperature of the shower screen before the pull all have an effect on the brew temperature. 

  5. In a normal use of Silvia with PID control and Auto Tune settings in effect, it initially takes 20 minutes to reach SV from room temperature. It is possible to shorten the warm-up speed you choose. However, It takes about 35 to 45 minutes for the Grouphead, shower screen and the Portafilter to reach a good temperature to produce more stable brewing temperature. (depend on warm-up speed you choose). Therefore, reaching SV. in longer time is okay and preferred.

  6. You can set Silvia on a timer, to turn “ON” at 5:00am to be ready for you at 5:45AM, When on a timer, be sure the steam valve is closed. !!!

  7. The PID unit has an AutoTune feature which will set up the PID for general Silvia use. However, to enjoy the modern marvels of the PID and Silvia, the PID will need to be fine tuned to fit the particular preference of the user. 

  8. Remember, Silvia has a very small boiler, (300 ml = 10 US fluid ounces) so you have to balance between stability of the boiler temperature and recovery speed. 

  9. The Grouphead mass / thermal mass, will be able to correct 1 degree Fahrenheit of overshoot, in the same way it can increase temperature of delivered boiler water at the shower screen.

  10. A complete PID Tune, parameters and settings for Silvia included with all PID kits. 



How PID control works with Silvia

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