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Ulka Water Pump Pressure Calibration without a Pressure Gauge.


The chart is showing 260 cc in 1 minute, or 3.67 oz. In 25 seconds



  1. So you donít make a mess, before you remove the water tank lid. Read and understand what you are about to do and prepare all you need to run this test.

  2. It is simpler if the water tank is half empty so it can all be done inside or above the tank.

  3. Set a small paper cup wedged inside the tank.

  4. Turn on the water switch and wait until water starts pouring out of the overflow tube.

  5. Once it is a steady flow, start collecting it in a measuring cup (or just a cup) and start a timer.

  6. As soon as your timer gets to 30 seconds, pull the tube away from the cup and then flick the water switch to off.

  7. Measure the volume of water in the cup with measuring cup or weight scale.

  8. 130 cc (or 130 grams) in 30 seconds translate to 9 bars of pressure.


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