Contact: HOME How to Order Contact: was created when I began trying to customize my own Rancilio Silvia espresso machine as a hobby and discovered that there was no single commercial source for all parts and customizations I needed.

With the help of others I collected some useful information and decided to create an on-line store where Silvia owners would be able to find the usual Silvia parts, useful additional customizations and specialized parts for the Silvia--and could even purchase an already fully-modified Silvia machine.

This site is unique in that it is designed to help Miss Silvia owners get the most out of their machine through practical operating instructions and hints, how-to videos and suggested machine customizations--with specialized equipment and parts manufactured to maximize the operating efficiency and the quality of the espresso shot.

The store provides one-stop shopping for most parts and information for Silvia., is based in California, U.S.A. and is authorized to sell Rancilio parts, espresso machines and grinders. 

Because most of the improvements are custom-made modifications, it is difficult to list all of the options, so feel free to contact me at or by phone for more information. 

 Suggestions, feedback and constructive criticism is welcome.



Although I make every effort to use the best components and to provide the best information, the customizations are not approved by Rancilio or tested by any third party. You are performing customizations at your own risk.  No responsibility is assumed by other than replacement of any defective components purchased from