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Boiler Insulation for Rancilio Silvia should only be used with PID control.

Use boiler insulation and stop using Silvia as your house heater.

Keep the heat where itís doing the most good... in the boiler!

Here are some benefits:

  1. If you are looking for temperature consistency between the grouphead and the temperature of the delivered boiler water, you should strive to maintain stability of the machineís environmental temperature. We do know that the temperature around the machine fluctuates, for example, between day and night, summer and winter, cold and warm rooms. A reasonable solution to reduce these changes is to insulate the boiler and the grouphead from the surrounding temperature. 

  2. Insulation will protect all plastic components from the heat, provide longer life for all electrical plastic components around the boiler, and reduce any possible plastic fumes caused by the heat.  (also for all Silvia owners with a PID installed on the front panel, Insulation is good to have) 

  3.  Save energy with less energy consumption. ( it will not cut your electrical bill in 1/2 ) 

  4. Cups and glass on top will be at lower temperature and will take longer time to warp-up, but have Silvia on a timer and set "ON" 45 -50 minutes before.

  5. With insulation, Silvia can stay ON for a longer time with less effort. 

  6. The Silicone Foam material is very safe and clean to work with.  Insulation made from closed cell silicone foam, is the best stuff you can find.

  7. This material is made in the U.S.A. (ratings and safety are guarantee)

  8. Espresso machines are not meant to be a kitchen heater.

  9. In terms of thermal values,( not physical location ) insulation will bring the thermocouple reading closer to the center of the heating element. or closer to the actual temperature inside the boiler. so temperature reading at SV. will rise, meaning SV. need to be higher.  ( depend on your previous & existing heat loss and efficiency.  see footnote A.

  10. With properly insulated boiler you may need to adjust temperature up or down, depend on the location of the sensor,  your previous & existing heat loss and efficiency.  I recommend letting brewing results and taste dictate temperature.  see footnote A.


  1. During brewing, from start to finish, the temperature at the screen and within the coffee puck is not constant. Therefore, technically I donít think it is 100% correct to use a single number as the ideal brewing temperature. What really counts is the average temperature and time that the grounds are exposed to the water, so I strongly recommend letting brewing results and taste to dictate the set value temperature of the boiler. 



Insulation Kit options:

  1. 12" x 12" uncut Insulation kit - No template.

  2. 12" x 12" uncut Insulation kit + template.

  3. Pre-Cut  Insulation kit for old V3

  4. Pre-Cut  Insulation kit for new V3 - New style boiler 2014

  5. Pre-Cut  Insulation kit for - Old style boiler.

Pre-Cut  Insulation for old boiler

Check this page to see what boiler you have.

V3 Boiler

Old V1 Boiler

Pre-Cut  Insulation for old boiler

Insulation kits are sold here


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