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Cleaning the shower screen.  Click here for previous page - Back to How to page.  

To clean the screen from all the oil and coffee deposits.  Soak in hot water with a small amount of dishwasher detergent, (gel detergent is less effective)  rinse and brush off with small brush.  Reinstall the screen and flush with very hot water before your first brew.

Repeat if you never cleaned your screen or if it looks like the picture below. You should never let the screen look like this picture below.

Once a year, or every other time.  In a small pan, you can boil in water and little dishwasher detergent, the screen and all parts. Then, wash and brush, reinstall and run some stemming water through. It will better get all the oils in between the two layers of the screen. 

Backflush can also be done with dishwasher detergent and hot water from the boiler. Backflush will clean the group and the inside water passage to the drain tray.


Never let the screen look like this.




click picture to enlarge.

Here are some pictures to eliminate the confusion when reinstalling.


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