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Removing the Portafilter beak.

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The thread on the Portafilter and the beak is regular right-handed (RH) thread.

You should use a big table vise which most people don't have. So what should you do?  You may be able to find other tools that will give you leverage, like the tool in figure #4. Or you can make your own tool from wood (2x4 in the U.S.). see figures #1, #2 and #3 below. 

One more option is: Instead of drilling holes, you can attach two planks of wood using screws or other means, with a gap in-between the planks to create a vise to hold the beak. 

The wooden tool is preferred, as it is less likely to damage the chrome.

If not using a wooden tool. Use some good protection not to damage the chrome coating. Wrap the chrome spouts or line the tool so that you won’t damage the chrome coating.

To line up the new beak as needed. You may need to use spacer(s)/washer(s).  You can use washer as spacer and/or Teflon tape or flax fibers yarn.


Do not drill all the way through


Do not drill all the way through





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