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Timer switch for your Rancilio Silvia.

  1. To really enjoy the benefits of the timer, the timer must be accurate and that means digital. (example for a timer)

  2. The timer will be most useful in the mornings—you can wake up with your machine warmed up and ready to brew. The timer will provide continuous power, from 45 minutes before the first brew to after the last possible brew in your day. The timer can be used during the day for on/off, but setting it up is more complicated and can be risky if you forget your settings as you change your plans for the day.

  3. Best practice is to have the timer turn the machine on for the first brew of the day and you manually during the day, but you, not the timer, should turn the machine off. This practice will train you to turn the machine off and not to forget. For example, at night, when the timer is at "off", you will set the machine to be ready to come "on", then, in the morning at the preset time, the timer will provide power and the machine will be turned "on". When you are done using the machine in the morning, you will turn it "off". At midday, just walk to the machine and turn it on 45 minutes before you want to use it, (timer should already be on). Don't try to rely on midday timer settings unless you have a regular time at which the machine is to be ready and you are not in a position to walk to the machine and start it properly in advance. In that case, I will leave this to you.

  4. For safety and to avoid accidents when Silvia is on a timer, be sure the brew, water and steam switch are off—and the steam valve is closed! Otherwise, you may wake up in the morning to find the machine with a dried out boiler, a burned-out pump and a big puddle of water on your counter.

  5. Check that the steam valve is closed when the machine is completely cold.


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