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Options for dosing the basket are:

  1. Dosing by weight or volume and firm tamping.
  2. Dosing by weight or volume with no tamping or very light soft tamping.

If you are using firm tamping you must do it right, the tamped coffee puck must fit perfectly to the screen above, meaning, the top of the puck must be even to provide uniform pressure on the puck, before and after the soaking of the coffee. 

Cons for firm tamping: time consuming, high demand for high precision and accuracy, the extraction is somewhat less efficient in using the total space for the same amount of coffee with soft tamping.

Pros for firm tamping: somewhat cleaner, improves fine-motor coordination.

My preference and recommendation is dosing by weight with a very light soft tamp: it is less massy and more simple to achieve good results.

When your set-up is unknown, start with dosing by volume.  If you do it right, after the extraction you should have a good imprint of the screen over the top of the coffee puck. (See picture below)

Measurement by volume will always give you the right default amount. Then adjust the grind to control and adjust the extraction time.

When you correctly have the volume amount and grind level set, assuming you are going to use the same batch of beans, you can convert the volume to weight and repeat dosing by weight.

When dosing by volume. Let the grind fall to the basket, do not push or press it in.  If you feel you have too many large clumps in the coffee grind, you can tap down the portafilter on a hard surface with a very small consistent tap.


The imprint will look slightly different with different coffee.



What should you look for other than color and time.

  • Flow should start and end symmetrical.

  • Cone should be at centered.

  • No spraying or gushers.

  • Coffee puck should NOT have breaches, ruptures or leaks during the extraction.

  • No dead spots on the basket where there is no flow.

  • Less symmetry & gushers = more unwanted taste.

  • Little and very fine mist is acceptable. 


Pictures and videos.


If you still having problems, please check that you don't have too dense clumps.


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