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Flat shower screen for Rancilio Silvia espresso machine.


Silvia is shipped with a large hex bolt that projects below the screen because it is more durable in heavy use and the same bolt is used in the Rancilio commercial machines. Some commercial machines could be more forgiving for the bolt or uneven coffee distribution in the basket (because of pre-infusion, water flow control and sometime deeper commercial basket). Silvia simply carries through this same Grouphead screen part that is used in the commercial machines.

In Italy, where hard firm tamping is generally not used, the bolt doesn't destroy the integrity of the puck because the untamped coffee is more forgiving than the tamped puck.

Benefits of the flat surface:

Note: To prevent any chance of screw lock, I am using a high-grade stainless steel screw. You will have to use a good short Phillips screwdriver, do not try using a long screwdriver,  do not over tighten the screen, and clean your machine regularly.


Selling this Kit here.

Selling this Kit here.

Here are some pictures to eliminate the confusion when reinstalling.


New Silvia. V3 model. See the out frame horseshoe cover of the group.

Old Silvia. V1 model. See the out frame round cover of the group.


Rancilio Silvia, nice clip.

In this Clip you can see how the extraction becomes lighter and lighter,  meaning more and more unwanted taste.

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