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Pressure Gauge for the Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine and PID Control.


There is a way of adjusting the water pressure without a gauge (measure volume flow to match the flow rate chart of your ULKA pump), and there are many ways for installing a pressure gauge (see below), however there are some things you must do if using a gauge:

  1. Pressure gauge needs to be oil-filled. The oil will, absorb vibration to have a steady needle and lubricates all moving parts to increase the service life of the gauge.

  2. If the pressure gauge is an oil-filled and installed in or around Silvia, where there are more dramatic temperature fluctuations, then it must be vented to eliminate changes in the gauge internal pressure, to maintain accuracy. 

  3. If a permanent install is too difficult for one, then pressure can also be checked with a gauge at the portafilter, every x month. (pictures below)

  4. Silvia must be "ON" for 20 minutes prior to checking pressure (so the OPV valve is warm and at normal operating temperature).  Most machines will have some difference in pressure between cold and operating temperature.    See video clip below.

  5. I use the BAR scale only gauge because all literature, discussions and all instructions are in BARs. ( if needed, use Google to convert to psi.)

  6. Pressure Gauge fittings combinations, How to page.

  7. Cutting the front panel for internal gauge install.

  8. Why installing a pressure gauge.


Removing the Portafilter beak.

Selling this Portafilter Kit here.  Will not work with the very old V1 Portafilter because it has a notch at the rim (see picture below).


Gauge on Portafilter.

Will not work with the old V1 Portafilter because it has a notch at the rim.



Selling this internal Kit here.



Pressure Gauge showing function of the OPV valve when cold and hot. only a very small number of machines will have the same reading when cold and hot.   /  Rancilio Silvia





Installing inside with clear top as above picture, is not recommended because of gauge venting problems.

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Selling External Kit here.



Selling External Kit here.

Pressure Gauge fittings combinations.

2" Gauge Data sheet 


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